Wednesday, August 26, 2015



I was at the airport one time a million years ago and saw a girl walking around while waiting for boarding call.  These pics resemble her.  Blonde hair, sleeves rolled up just so, arms covered.  I was actually going to approach her when she started to board.  She was not on my flight, but I remember the counter girl (Delta Airlines) also had pretty nice arms (short sleeves).  Nowadays you never see 2 women in the same place on the same day.

Monday, August 24, 2015



This summer has been a bust as far as seeing women with hairy arms goes.  I've done OK lately though with my McDonalds sweetie.  Last summer she shaved, but this year she has left her arm hair alone.  I saw her the other day while in line and as I stepped aside to wait for my food (all the while maintaining a good line of sight) I noticed the woman behind me had very hairy arms.  I recognized her from the grocery store I used to go to, and she worked there.  This was years ago and she had a thick coat of blonde hair.  She still has the hair and is at least 48, maybe early 50's.  We know that at that age arm hair is usually gone or thinning out.  Not hers.  So, that was a nice trip.

Then another day I was at WalMart and saw who I call "scrawny-girl".  I mentioned her before.  She has worked at WalMart for years and over that time she has gone from a nice looking girl to a walking skeleton who looks like she's on drugs or anorexic or both.  Her armhair is still fabulous though, blonde and full.  She used to remind me of Lori Anderson because of her long hair and deep tan.  She has cut her hair off and puts it up in little pig tails where you can see her neck is so thin.  She may be sick and thin because of it, but why would she be working?  She has also added some nasty tattoos.  Not on her arms which is good.

I have not gone to any of the places this summer, that have traditionally been good for hair sightings.  The fair, car shows, music festivals-all stink for our purposes.  It's especially depressing since I have recently discovered my archive of SMRA and CPRO pics and videos.  What a collection!  Just great.  I also remember delivering pizzas in college and counting the girls with arm hair that I delivered to.  My record for one day was 30 something!  I haven't seen 30 total in ages!  Even women who aren't that hairy are shaving and they are even pushing this vile instrument NoNo on guys!  What can you do?

Happy Hunting