Saturday, August 30, 2014


I created a Yahoo group a while ago dedicated to 3/4 length sleeves, which is my favorite way for a woman to wear sleeves.  (hairy arms or not) That subject has come up here before.  There are hundreds of pic over there.  It is not a hairy arm site, but I do have albums with Alyssa Milano, Isabelle Gouart, Lindsey Ellingson, Ricquie and a couple others.  If you just want to see a bunch nice pics, take a look.  You have to join, but it's hassle free.  You have to have a Yahoo ID.


I worked with a young lady many years back who Lori A. reminds me of.  Her name was Stephanie and she had the same build as Lori and Taylor Swift.  She had really long hair like Lori and magnificent arm hair!  Trying to work with her was a struggle.  A struggle to keep my eyes off those arms and on my own work.  Needless to say I enjoyed every minute of it.  I tried to get the same break time as her so I could talk to her and mostly gawk at those arms.  I asked her to model for me as I was just getting into photography at the time, and she said yes, but we could never make it happen.  I also asked her out a couple times, but I wasn't enough of a bad boy for her.  She ended up marrying some geek and moving away.  I guess I wasn't geeky enough for her either.

Lori also reminds me of another girl who worked at the local convenience store.  This was also a number of years ago.  (Let's face it, Lori and girls like her are a rarity these days.)  This girl had the long hair also, think Crystal Gale, but not the lanky build.  A brunette.  The arm hair was a different story.  It was very thick.  The thickest I've ever seen.  (Why else would I still remember after all this time?)  She worked night shift at the store and I worked nights where I worked so our paths didn't cross often.  I did see her at the grocery store once.  I started shopping there more often, but never saw her there again.  She was at the library one day and I got a good look.  I didn't see her at the store where she worked for a while so I just asked another clerk what happened making like I knew her.  She transferred to another store in a neighboring town and was on the day shift now.  So I saw her a couple more times after that. (and put a lot of miles on my car)

That wasn't the only time I traveled to another town to see some arms.  I was at a mall one time about 30 miles from home and went into a sporting goods store.  A clerk there was an adorable 19-20 years old, something like that, luscious arm hair, so thick.  I managed to see her a couple other times whenever I was at that mall, and I have to admit that I did go there a couple times JUST to try to see her.  One day when I was coming back from there, when I didn't see her, I stopped at a Denny's and my waitress put me on the moon!  Another brunette, cute, short haircut.  I gave her my card and the modeling offer.  Never heard from her.

There was a woman in my town who I bumped into a couple times over the years.  Light brown hair like Sarah Michele Gellar.  Arm hair like Sarah Michele Gellar (used to).  I went to a Dairy Queen type place one day and she was there (with her lucky bastard husband) talking to one of the ladies who worked there.  She left and I asked the woman she had talked to and made like I knew her friend but forgot where from.  I got her name and filed it away.  (Erin)  After I had my ice cream I went across the street to the video rental place (remember those?)  Erin was there!  I didn't see where she went after she left the DQ.  It was just great luck, twice in one day.  I also saw her at the county fair and got to follow her around for a while.  Another stroke of great luck was I was at a garage sale once and she drove up and got out and looked around.  So did I.  At her. Then I didn't see her for a while.  I went to the county courthouse to file some papers and I saw her name on one of the cubicles!  I couldn't believe it!  I milled around a little bit waiting for her to come to the counter, and when she did I went to her station, of course.  What crazy luck.  She eventually disappeared out of the phone book, moved out of town.  Never saw her again.   Still remember.

Another quick garage sale story.  There is a strawberry blond in town who I've come across numerous times over the years.  Very thick arm hair.  (very large boyfriend) Very rare as we know.  The arm hair, not the BF.  I still do see her occasionally, but she is crowding 50 and has lost most of her hair.  (not the BF)  Not worth looking at any more.  She doesn't shave, I know what that looks like.  Anyway, one day me and the wife roll up on a garage sale and stopped.  We looked around, a lady was running it, and then SHE appeared!  The strawberry blonde.  She lived there!  I told the wife to take her time.  I got quite and eye full.  I even talked to her about some of her stuff. 

Another convenience store story.  A cute girl was working there (different town than mine) looked similar to the sporting goods girl.  I gave her my card and she actually called me.  Later the boyfriend called me and accused me of all kinds of things.  Ranting and raving.  It was kind of funny actually.  He said that I was a scammer only interested in getting her clothes off etc etc etc, blah blah blah.  She was 19-20 and he had to be also I'm guessing.  At that age you are still acting like you are in JR High when it comes to girls-DON'T LOOK AT MY GIRL!  WANT TO FIGHT?  That kind of crap.  I had to bite my tongue when all I really wanted to do was crawl through that phone line and kick his dumb ass!  I never saw her again even though I knew where she worked.  I didn't need the hassle.

25 years ago I was out of town on business for a few weeks in Dubuque IA.  There was a blonde working at  Kmart, Tuesday nights, 7pm.  Theresa.  Saw he a couple of times.  Think Christina Applegate.

But my first real encounter was my 6th grade teacher, Miss Julesberg.  Brunette, very hairy, NEVER wore long sleeves.  I saw those arms A LOT every day.  Of course at age 12 I didn't know what was going on.  Why was I turned on by hairy arms?  I didn't know.  I still don't really.  I almost hoped to flunk 6th grade to have to take it again.  About 15 years later I was living in Texas, running a store when a lady came in.  She looked so much like my teacher I was taken aback.  She had the arms of course.  She could have been the right age, but probably not.  I asked her if she ever lived in Wisconsin.  She hadn't.  I had to ask.  The conversation kept her in the store though.  15-20 years later I was back in Wisconsin and looked her up in the phone book.  She was there!  She never married I guess.  I didn't call.  Should have.  She's not there now.

These are some of my most vivid memories.  They aren't phoney baloney fantasies like Penthouse Forum used to be full of.  All I have are these images in my mind.  Experiences to relive.  There is just too much arm hair removal these days.  The good old days are gone.  Nothing in recent memory grabs me like these did.  Nothing burns in my mind. 

I was initially only going to tell you about Stephanie, but then the memories just kept rolling in and I kept writing.  I wish the forum feature of this blog worked so you could relate your memories easier.

Everyone has stories, memories, encounters, experiences, all different, all your own, vivid or not.  Hit the comment button and start sharing.